Starting is always the hard part…

Today I begin a blog (Smile). I have been in private practice now for approximately two years. On a side note (pun intended), if you would like to know the specifics of my practice please see the “about” section of this blog or look to the hours & info section to the left (side) of this page. In these two years, I have discovered that the fundamentals of beginning a business are not the most difficult compared to getting myself out there in the public arena. Especially in a large metropolitan as Denver, it can be daunting to know that there is a lot of other therapists slash counselors, life coaches, and others wanting to help people find hope, direction, purpose, themselves etc. Nevertheless, I now begin down this path of entering the public arena to say hello, welcome, and I look forward to building as many alliances as possible for hope, healing, & purpose.

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