Should I go to counseling?

Should I go to counseling? Yes! Now, this answer may seem biased based on the fact that I am a counselor who is writing a blog trying to educate the world about the benefits of seeing a counselor. However, years, (ok, maybe decades) before I was a counselor, I was the one seeking the counseling and it was my choice.

Admittedly, I first chose to seek a counselor in hopes of saving a dying relationship. Sometimes, even the greatest therapy can’t help. Nevertheless, many years later, after my first experience with counseling, I chose to seek a counselor, just for me and it changed my life.  At first, it was difficult and seemed tedious as I showed up week after week chipping away, slowly but surely, at the habits I had created that seemed to work for me to survive in a world that seemed to hurt too much, too often. Keep in mind, this was my choice. I chose to delve into the past and untie the culmination of what seemed to be unending knots that knotted themselves into a giant ball of knots. On the other hand, I could have chosen just to process through the hiccup in my life that I chose to seek a counselor about in the first place. My other choice, I could have decided to just keep doing life the same way I always had, the only way I knew how. Which, I think is the key to why I think anyone should go to counseling.   You see, how do you know if you are doing it right or wrong, if you don’t even know if there is another way.

So again, the question is should I go to counseling? Yes! Why? Because although you think you can handle it on your own or it’s really not that bad or someone else is the one with the problem, there is a chance that you may not know that there is another way and counselors, they can help you figure out if there is another way. Good, bad, or indifferent, if you have ever wanted someone to bounce something off of and just help out with a hiccup in your life or want someone to help you expose and re-purpose those areas of your life that just don’t seem to work as well as they use to, then choose to go to counseling.

Kristy Palacios, LPCC


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